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Jacob Stanescu – Events + Culture Programmer

Jacob is the events limb of the Gladstone’s Marketing team. He specializes in coming up with ridiculous event concepts, writing ludicrous promotional copy for those concepts, and working with DJs, musicians, performers, artists, and promoters of all stripes to bring those concepts to life.

If you’re looking to book a band/bill, throw a party, host a panel on an impressively niche but increasingly relevant topic, or just host une p’tite soiree for a super cool community group, shoot him an email and he’ll brainstorm with you.

Jacob is passionate about media literacy, music, urbanism, community building, local food, and the oxford comma.

Astrological sign: Capricorn

Personal art practice: I write but never share. I play music and sometimes share. When I make cookies I always share.

Feelings about art: I was assigned this as an essay topic in Grade 12 English, and was told that my paper was too broad after I had tried to summarize all of art in six pages… All these years later I’m still not sure I have a coherent answer to offer.