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Leah & Alannah’s West Queen West Wedding

June 3, 2019
03 Jun 2019

The Gladstone Hotel is more than just a wedding venue – it’s an extension of every couple who chooses to get married here. Most of the time, our couples have had a long relationship with the hotel – from hitting a high note at our weekly karaoke nights, exhibiting their first piece of art in our galleries or attending a legendary queer party.

Take Alannah and Leah, one of our favourite Gladstone couples! They chose the Gladstone as a backdrop for their special day as it had sentimental value to them. It’s where they met a lot of important people in their lives and our Melody Bar is where they went for their first date (attending a Tinder Tales night)!

Beyond their personal connections to the hotel, Alannah and Leah fell in love with the beauty of the building, the exposed brick and the string lights in our ballroom. They will also never forget their “first look” on the private Tower Suite balcony, popping a bottle of champagne and enjoying the views of the city.

Here are some highlights from one of our favourite weddings of the year with rockstar couple Alannah & Leah! Photos taken by the talented Natalie Sorichetti Photo!

Learn more about Gladstone Hotel weddings and check out our special summer/winter 2020 packages here.

Weddings Done Differently.

May 2, 2019
02 May 2019

Did you know the Gladstone has an instagram account dedicated to highlighting our favourite weddings we’ve had the pleasure of hosting at the hotel?  (Check out the account here if you haven’t seen it! @gladstone.weddings ) 

 Adding photos to our weddings feed has caused us to take a walk down memory lane as we’ve leafed through all of our favourite Gladstone wedding shots. As you glance through them, there are a number of recurring themes that come to mind such as DIY, vintage and classic. What really sets the Gladstone weddings apart though, regardless of theme, is that they are all very intimate and very unique affairs!

The Gladstone aims to give couples the opportunity to make their wedding dreams come true. The space is continually reimagined and redesigned for each couple, making each wedding unrecognizable from the last. The entire hotel is full of history and character which means the opportunities for irresistible photo ops are endless. Keep an eye out for more snaps from the many talented Toronto photographers who have captured the beauty and distinction that comes with a Gladstone Wedding and read about some of our favourites from the past few years below. 

 Jennifer Vanson photographed Aaron & Kathleen’s 2016 laid back and intimate wedding. The couples creative personality’s shone through in each carefully selected detail and made for a beautiful event! Here’s Kathleen getting ready in our fully kitted Dressing Studio.

Niv Shimshon captured Genevieve & Jeff tying the knot at an event that was as timeless and elegant as Genevieve’s dress! Here they are outside the hotel for a photo op.

Cecilia and Simon stepped outside to use our beautiful red brick exterior for Tara Mcmullum to grab some shots!

Morgan and Adam had a fun loving attitude that made for an incredible night full of dancing. The wedding had tons of DIY details throughout! Here is Morgan walking out to the balcony in the Second Floor Gallery! Photo by Samantha Ong.

Rowell Photos photographed the union of Jonathan and Paul in the Ballroom as well as some candid photos in the hand-operated elevator and in front of our green wall in the staircase! The grooms wore jeans, untucked dress shirts, no ties and blazers for the night creating a wedding that was as casual, stylish and fun as the grooms!


Wedding Bells Photography captured the “DIY Boho vibe” Colleen and David  strived for when planning. Here the couple celebrates before their ceremony in the Melody Bar and Ballroom.

Alissa and Rob are high school sweethearts who went for ‘urban vintage’ and we’d have to say they nailed it in this Melody Bar photo! Photographed by Avenue Photo.

Wildeyed Photography captured fun-loving Lori and Jenna getting ready in the Tower Suite.

To all our Gladstone couples, thanks for sharing your love with us! Be sure to check out @gladstone.weddings to get some inspiration for your big day or just to have your heart melted by some of our favourite couples!

Your Guide to planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding

April 1, 2019
01 Apr 2019

Your wedding day is a big one in the book of life’s precious moments and the planning process plays a huge part into the excitement of your big day. Food, invitations, venue, decorations, guests, music, the outfits — all of these components and more go into having a wedding, and there are a lot of things to consider when making decisions about them all.

When thinking about all these choices, have you ever thought about the impacts your wedding has in relation to the environment?  We bet when you and your sweetheart are saying “I do” and sharing a kiss at the altar, you are most definitely not considering how much waste your special day is actually producing, but you’d be surprised…

With over 2.3 million people getting married a year in America alone, the average wedding is said to create 400 lbs of trash– that’s over 1 billion pounds of garbage per year! (Green Bride Guide) The stats are a bit alarming, especially when you consider how many weddings take place everyday. But there are ways in the planning stages of your big day to combat the excessive waste you may produce.  

Read below for some tips you can follow to make your special day a little more sustainable!

Pick the right spot.

When you are considering where exactly to hold your wedding, do your research to ensure the venue you select holds the same eco conscious values you do. There are a variety of eco-friendly venue spaces in Toronto, with the Gladstone being one of them! As the only B-corp certified hotel in Canada, the Gladstone holds environmental sustainability and social responsibility at the top of the list when operating.

An outdoor venue would also be a great choice, as less energy would be used through heating/air conditioning and lighting could be solar powered, or provided through romantic candles.

Choose email over print.

With most of us glued to our electronic devices everyday,  e-invitations are a great way to invite loved ones to your special day. Sending an email invite is quick and easy, can help you easily track your guest list and most importantly is a way to reduce your waste and save paper. You can design your own invites for free through sites like Canva, or gather inspiration from Pinterest. If email is not an option for you, ensure your invites are printed on all natural, recycled paper and only print as many as you need to!

Wear a greener dress.

Okay not actually  (but if green is your colour, go for it!) But we mean in the sustainable way. Wedding dresses can be expensive, and it’s a lot of money to spend on a dress you will most likely only wear once. Shopping second hand or vintage is a great option to limiting your waste and loving a recycled, one of a kind piece!  Consigning and selling your dress after your big day is also a great option to keep the recycling chain going!

Cater and support local food.

Food is a big component of your wedding day, and you want the best of the best for your guests. Try to secure a caterer who sources their food organically from local farmers and opt for an in season menu. This ensures less emissions produced from transportation of the ingredients. As for wine and beer, try to support local breweries and wineries who believe in the same green initiatives you do!

Go on a local honeymoon.

View the city like a tourist and visit a spot you’ve never seen before! Try staying in a boutique hotel (like the Gladstone perhaps?) or an Airbnb you can call your own for a week. If the city isn’t your thing, take the VIA rail and explore a smaller town or piece of nature you’ve never been to before. Taking public transit will limit the emissions you would produce by taking your car and help lighten your overall environmental impact.


Learn more about eco-friendly weddings at the Gladstone here.

Top Rooftop Wedding Photo-Ops

February 28, 2019
28 Feb 2019

Toronto’s summer wedding season is just around the corner and we’re taking a closer look at our intimate venue spaces. While the ceremonies, receptions and speeches all happen in our three main venues, some of the best photo-ops always come in a a special suite well before the guests arrive. Gladstone Weddings offer a lot of unique features including curated art shows on display, custom entertainment options, and of course, the historic building itself — but there’s another one-of-a-kind perk that hides behind the scenes.

Photoshoots on the Gladstone roof capture some of the most magical and intimate moments between spouses to be. Accessible via the Tower Suite, the rooftop balcony offers a breathtaking view of downtown Toronto from West Queen West. It’s the perfect summer wedding photo-op. Here are some of our favourite photoshoots on the Gladstone roof.

These two love birds were perfectly pictured by Stephen Sager Photography.

Stunning city views from our private paradise!

Near, far, wherever you are, the Gladstone rooftop is perfect for you own “Jack, I’m flying!” moment.

In love with this BOHO wedding, captured perfectly by Christine Lim Photography.

It’s not all serious either. Danielle Meredith Photography perfectly captured this couple leaning back and having a laugh.

While we can’t guarantee a sky as perfect as this, the view of skyline is perfectly panoramic rain or shine!

Photo (above) by Olive Photography

Love the views? Get in touch to learn more about Gladstone Hotel Weddings.

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5 Reasons why January is the new June for Weddings

November 15, 2016
15 Nov 2016


1. There’s nothing like a romantic winter evening in the city

Picture this: A light dusting of snow surrounds your venue at magic hour (4-5pm) – due to the romantic natural lighting, your photos look perfectly lit. Your guests enter your venue to escape the cold and are welcomed with mulled wine. As the dark night approaches, your reception begins in a beautiful ballroom surrounded by fairy-lights, candles, tea lights and lanterns. It’s magic. Need I say more?


2. It just costs less.

Weddings are expensive. That’s right, we’ve said it. Choosing a date in the winter gives you an opportunity to take advantage of off-season pricing. You know what that means? More budget for the fun stuff like midnight food stations, musical entertainment and of course, booze!


3. Goodbye Venue Competition!

As one of Toronto’s most popular wedding destinations, we know all about competition for dates from May – September! Saturdays are often booked up a year, if not 2 or 3 in advance. Have the choice of any Saturday you please during the winter months! It’s also a lot easier to find accommodation for out of town guests.


4. Wedding fatigue is real people.

Have you been to 10 weddings this summer? How did you feel around the 8th? or 9th? Wedding fatigue for guests is a real thing. With each one, the weddings become less special and memorable, blending into one. Getting hitched in the winter,  it’s unlikely your guests will have been to a do in a while and they’ll be ready to celebrate!


5. Honeymoon in the tropics

What better way to end your big day than a direct flight from Toronto’s snowy core to the tropics? Case made.

Learn more about weddings at the Gladstone Hotel here.

Images by Samantha Ong Photography, Wild Eyed Photography and Tara McCallum.