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The Cards Don’t Lie – TKBA Awards Ball

August 25, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm

**Proudly part of the Bricks & Glitter festival**

Join us as we celebrate the legends of the past, the statements of the present, and the stars of the future!
We will be awarding those who have been consistent in our community with OTY Awards, and deeming a new round of Kiki Legends who have excelled in our ballroom community over a number of years.

Be part of HISTORY!!

The Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance Presents:
The Cards Don’t Lie Kiki Awards Ball


Virgin Vogue “The Fool”
You’ve been wandering around looking for a place to settle, and you’re new to this scene. With your knapsack and a white rose, show us that you deserve a place to sleep.

FF Performance “The High Priestess”
You’re a symbol of abundance, fertility, and divine feminine. In an all blue effect of your choice, include a veil & show us why you’re a divine ruler.

BQ Vogue Femme “The hermit”
You have been shunned by society, but at least you won’t have to confess your transgressions. Bring it in a scandalous look, but your face must remain covered for your entire performance until you get chopped, lose your battle or win grand prize.

Realness With A Twist “The Hanged Man”
(Must get 10s in a Realness category)
You may look masculine, but you’ve secretly surrendered to the energy of femininity. In a blue vest and red pants, include some stunts in your performance & make us know you’re upside down.

Legendary Performance “The Emperor/Empress”
There’s a reason why you’re sitting on the throne. Bring it in a royal effect, & show us why you are the definition of power, passion, and excellence.

Open-To-All Runway
5 Trophies FF – European – AA – Virgin – Legendary
The Devil Card
Bring it in a high-fashion runway ready bondage look.

5 Trophies SB – Thugs – Exec – Drags – FQ
The Justice card
Time for court, as you stand in front of the Grand jury will the members see thru your facade or will you be aquitted?
Schoolboys/Thugs – police
Executive – Defense lawyer
Drags – Courtroom clerk
FF – supportive partner/girlfriend/wife

2 Trophies FF – MF
The Star Card
You want the world to see your celestial physique! Be inspired by the cosmos, and bring it in a sparkling effect, that celebrates your body!

Sex Siren
2 Trophies MF – FF
The Hanged Man card
Let go of your senses, bring it blindfolded and handcuffed.

Best Dressed
The Temperance Card
Temperance : balance, moderation, and patience. In fashion, we can appreciate all but we want to push things to the EXTREME. Bring it in a creative, 2-tone complimentary colour look that shows that you know how to balance simple yet camp fashion.

3 Trophies BQ, Women’s, FF
Wheel Of Fortune Card
Are the cards in your favor tonight or are they against you? Bring it in a look inspired by one of the cards in the Royal set. (Joker, Jack, Queen, King, Ace)

Shoe Fetish (Sneaker vs Sneaker / Ovah Heel)
The Magician Card
Use a simple magic trick to reveal your exclusive shoe!! (You will not be scored on the trick)

The Temperance Card
Temperance card shows a large, winged angel who is both masculine and feminine. She wears a light blue robe with a triangle enclosed in a square on the front, representing that humans (the triangle) are bound by the Earth and natural law (square). The angel balances between one foot on the rocks, expressing the need to stay grounded, and one foot in the water, showing the need to be in flow. She pours water between two cups, symbolic of the flow and alchemy of life.

Bring it in a ROBE (think more judge / choir / not bathrobe) and a nasty high heel and show us you are the embodiment of balance.

Commentator vs Commentator –
“The Psychic”
Tell somebody their past , current state and future in ballroom. The shade starts now!

The Crystal Ball
What lies in your future? Is it destruction and chaos? Is it bliss and fortune? Bring it as the crystal ball, itself. Be creative with your story.

Hand performance
“ the palm reader”
Read the opponents palms to filth. Bring it with beads and purple nails.


August 25, 2019
4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Gladstone Hotel Ballroom
1214 Queen W
Toronto, ON Canada
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