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Jessica Maan – Solo Painting Exhibition

Runtime: Aug. 9-21, 11-5pm Daily
Opening: Aug. 9, (Thursday) 7-10pm


Jessica Maan’s art is primarily based on scenes from her travels and daily life. Her paintings evoke feelings of loneliness and isolation, but focus on the beauty found within such moments.

Working with acrylic on canvas, her use of rapturous light and colour are essential to achieving the
grounding effect of realism, to offset the awe and wonder captured within the vibrant hues and almost overwhelming sense of distance, and to balance the varying perspectives of her paintings.

The majority of her subjects are scenes of intersection—where sky meets earth, roads meet stoplights, buildings meet sidewalks, and where people are few, aloof and elusive. In this way, Maan’s paintings express a kind of grounding escapism, allowing the viewer a moment of quiet reflection.

Recurring themes in Maan’s art are stoplights, telephones poles and wires, lampposts, vehicles and
roads, all of which indirectly link the viewer to society, but without the physical presence of people.

The expanse of these objects in her work contributes to the feelings of distance and vacancy, but it is the viewer’s perspective that determines whether such feelings result in a sense of anxiety or peace.

Jessica Maan
is a Toronto based emerging artist focused on expression through acrylic paint on canvas. She revels in vibrant colour, rapturous light, stark shadows, idle vehicles, stoic stoplights, lonely lamp posts, towering trees and slices of life which leave her with a sense of admiration, for the simplicity in the everyday.
Painting in a realistic manner is what Jessica strives for, to capture the magnetism of grace and allurement found in the void between people and place. She works from photos she has taken, to reinterpret the emotion and mystery experienced throughout her daily routine as well as along her travels. Moments that have made her forget everything else, except for the humble beauty surrounding her, and the desire to share this feeling with the viewer.  / @jessijoyluna