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Art Pioneers Exhibit – Sept 20-26, 2013

A rare trio of primates has come together to create a series of collaborative paintings that will be on view at the Gladstone Hotel Art Bar from September 20 – 26, 2013.

Brent Roe and Scotch Camera have been working together for over a decade creating underground music, art and experimental video. The addition of celebrated painter Pockets Warhol to the mix has sparked new dynamic tension and resulted in the creation of several unique collaborative works. Not since the collaborations of Basquiat, Clemente, and Andy Warhol have there been such unusual results.

Pockets is a capuchin monkey who lives on a farm northeast of Toronto and has been working on his style of abstraction for several years. Pockets brings to the fold a channelling of divine spirit that was in short supply with the duo. He conjures the subconscious in a way that took Picasso a lifetime to achieve.

Pockets has been listed as the eighth top-selling animal painter in the world,* and Roe and Camera are clearly riding on his prehensile coattails. Several solo pieces by each artist will also be on display.

100% of proceeds from the sale of Pockets Warhol’s solo works will go to support Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, along with 50% of proceeds from the sale of his collaborative pieces.

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