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Arti[face] by Jane Duncan

The word “artifice” is often defined using words such as “cunning; ingenuity; trickery; artful contrivance; guile; craftiness.” This series of paintings aims to examine the cunning, ingenuity, trickery, artful contrivance, guile and craftiness involved in the art of the face. Arti[face]. Focusing on only four blank-slate toy models, the artist’s goal is to animate and create a multitude of unique subtle narratives and moods using only the most basic tools and conventions of portraiture such as lighting, framing and juxtaposition.

Jane Duncan is a photorealist painter with a focus on the theatrical, weaving a sense of fiction and fantasy into her images.  Where other photorealists focus is on detail and documentation of the real world, Duncan’s focus is on luminosity, invention and the creation of comical, thought provoking narratives.

Although Duncan has never received formal training as a painter, she attended the University of Victoria for studies in History of Art and Theatre Design. In 2007, after refraining from any pursuit of the visual arts for almost a decade, Duncan devotedly turned her efforts to a career in painting.