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Broken Horizons

Using the manipulation of photographic raw materials, Becky Comber physically rearranges imagery to create new visual constructions of her surroundings.  Her experiences and reflections are documented, printed and then re-photographed into new compositions addressing themes such as the mystery and intricacies of the wilderness and the natural environments that connects and surrounds us.  The act of interpreting space allows Comber’s aesthetic to unravel like a mysterious new dimension where the landscape acts out of the binds of reality.  This exploration has resulted in images charged with the physical tension of constructed hand cut edges uniting a collision of mismatched visual fields.

Setting aside her training in high quality printing this project embraced darkroom work-prints, low-level consumer products and expired materials to explore the two dimensionality of the printed object through edges and flaws.  Working with these physical documents gives her a flexible medium with which to examine her relationship with her documented experiences.  The project also created space to celebrate and play with the dying analog perimeters of the medium as well as explore the document’s pretense of truth and how it relates to the construction of our reality.