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Byron Hodgins | Extended Solo Exhibition END OF NIGHT

Byron Hodgins’ GLADSTONE HOTEL exhibition, End of Night is presented as a loose narrative of painting the landscape at night, and are part representative and part interpretative. The work attempts to intertwine the external and internal world into a deeper transformation of self. The paintings are presented chronologically to carry the viewer from late evening through to the morning with a variety of visions. Some are abstract, distorted, and terrifying while others are dreamlike

The exhibition contains the large 96×78 Wildfire painting, and the 48×60 The Baroness painting not yet seen in exhibition.

His luminous nocturnes speak of a world aflame with colour, and landscapes not so much of this earth but of the mind. – The Toronto Star

Byron Hodgins considers himself someone who bridges the objective world and the internal world of the imagination. To Hodgins, painting is a means of being sensitive to colour as a means for expressing visual thought. A plein-air-painting practice has led him to experience what is typically considered to be common place as transformational, an opportunity to be present and focus on the self. He gravitates to forms – rough and unkempt – for his rich and vital sources for pure abstract painting.

Hodgins received a B.F.A from Nova Scotia School of Art and Design, and lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. Hodgins has exhibited across Canada and South Korea.

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