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Counterparts: Ryerson Third Year Photography Show XVI

Counterparts: Ryerson Third Year Photography Show XVI

Counterparts is an exhibition of photographic work created by the third year students of the School of Image Arts Photography program at Ryerson University. Each artist created an individual body of work that they felt depicted an aspect of the human condition. From these works, singular pieces were selected to represent various themes that collectively reflect upon seeing oneself or others. Themes expanded upon include, but are not limited to: memory, the subconscious, trauma, theatrical narratives, and the vernacular.

Society has always been grounded and built upon the continuous use of ever-expanding connections between humans. Due to the vastness of these connections, there is no one way to portray how they are formed and viewed. The ways in which humans see themselves and others gradually link together through different aspects and societal links, much like a puzzle. Making use of the photographic medium is just one of many methods used to visually exhibit these different concepts.

A counterpart is something that holds a position or is able to perform a function that corresponds to that of another. This collection of work comes together with the intention of demonstrating how the human condition is made up of a series of counterparts, as each individual image has an influence on how everything comes together as a whole.

There are endless possibilities to exploring and expressing the human condition; Counterparts is just the beginning of trying to understand the pieces that make up the whole.

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(image left to right by Nicole Melara, Katie Budd, Beverly Wu)