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Crash Burn Heal

Exhibition Dates: Wed Mar 22- Sun Mar 26

Public Receptions: Fri Mar 24 7pm – 10pm

Gallery Hours: TBA

Artist Statement:

Relaxation practices like yoga, float sessions and spa treatments are a popular a bi-product of city hustle because they compartmentalize self-care into convenient one-hour sessions. In the same way, Tinder and Grindr offer a no-strings-attached city Rolodex for those who crave intimacy without the tribulations of a relationship. This project is a visualization of struggling with taking time for self-care in a city that prioritizes productivity and output.

The installation envelops the space while reimagining and repurposing materials conventionally used for self-care. Condoms are a symbol of sexual intimacy (with or without an emotional connection); sex is both therapeutic and meditative. Yoga has been marketed in North America as a way to seek inner peace while strengthening the body. Humboldt uses mats as a material to investigate his own ritual of self-care. In large metropolitan cities, there is a unifying interest in seeking comfort and balance, but only within the parameters of particular spaces.

Artist Bio:

Humboldt and Anjuli met at OCADU in the IAMD program. We are also both involved with Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery. We are drawn to materials that have a relationship to the body and that also speak to ideas of release, meditation and comfort. We both use our own experiences as fuel for our artwork, and use ornamentation, repetition, unconventional materials and/or repurposing materials extensively in our respective practices.

Find Humboldt and Anjuli on Instagram ~ @humboldtmagnussen + @anjuuuli