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Elana Langer


WILBy (What I Live By) and 108namesofnow present THE INNER BEAUTY BAR: 

This TIFF get Red Carpet Ready from Within!


Featured inner beauty experts artist Elana Langer will be on hand with noted artist

and buddhist Julie Puttgen and special guest NYC WILBy designer Isabella Scott.

Elana was also recently featured on BUZZfeed!


Come experience a spa-like-art-like experience designed to help you access and express a deeper sense of beauty.‘Nothing says beautiful like the glow of self- acceptance’.



Namaste, Bitches! September 4-14   — Hours 12-5 pm

Come meet Inner Beauty Expert/ Unlicensed therapist/ Existential Artist Elana Langer (Tools of Life, WILBy- What I Live By, etc., etc.) Building off the success of her “tools of life” series featured on blogs worldwide, Elana will be in the Gladstone studio to take you through a range of treatments and experiences.


Pop Up [Ethical] Sweatshop:September 5-8— Hours 12-5

Special evening event September 5— Hours 6-9 pm, second floor of Gladstone hotel.

A new type of glamour shopping, one that emphases the most important fashion accessory – you! More than any object offered for sale is chance to experience a thing as applied thoughtfulness in the world. Ethical shopping guided by NYC designer Isabella Scott.


LIVE BUDDHIST in the studio! September 8-11 —12-5 pm

Artist and (Actual) Practicing Buddhist Julie Puttgen will be taking visitors through a range of treatments and meditations like the Loving Kindness Mediation, Coming Home Mediation and the Five Direction Mediation all designed to ground you in any situation. Sign up for a workshop for experts and those new to meditation, private session, or just drop by for a quick blast of enlightenment.


About WILBy (What I Live By):

Part art, part education, part business WILBy (What I Live By) is a new type of shopping experience, one that emphases buying nothing. More than any object offered for sale is chance to experience a thing as applied thoughtfulness in the world. Throughout the duration various installations, like The

Pop-Up [Ethical] Sweatshop visitors are challenged to browse products according to their overall ethics, not simply price and style and consider the impact of various modes of production and materials on our changing world, and identify consumption as a tool of civic engagement to support the values that they believe in.

Plus this…WILby

The Inner Beauty Bar, another WILBy project is an acknowledgment that before any change can happen in the world, it first must happen within. The Inner Beauty Bar was created in collaboration with Julie Puttgen – artist and real-live-buddhist. The ongoing Inner Beauty Bar project is called 108namesofnow.