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A installation of 12 monumental classic images, from 1987-90, by nightlife documentarian John Simone hanging in the Ballroom, June 21st as part of Nuit Rose: a queer contemporary art event celebrating WorldPride 2014 Toronto.

The show features images of RuPaul, Michael Alig, James St. James, Leigh Bowery, Nina Hagen, The It Twins, Lady Bunny, Sister Dimension, Divine and Larry Tee.

The exhibition is curated by Kelly McCray ( and former co-director of Edward Day Gallery.

About the work:
John Simone documents a changing of the guard in 80s New York nightlife. Post-Warhol New York found faith in the full-frontal attack on fashion and good taste by Michael Alig’s club kids and outrageous funtouchables who were fleeing suburbia towards nightlife notoriety as full-fledged fabulous nobodies. Michael Alig was the ersatz Warhol who had an ad hoc Factory force of 400 freaks that Alig re-christened with silly club names. They then faithfully followed him onto the front pages of fanzines like Project X Magazine, aptly edited by Michael Alig with provocative photos by John Simone. And it’s those images that are featured in the WorldPride exhibit, Exploding Pink Inevitable at the Nuit Rose event in the Ballroom of the Gladstone Hotel. Simone, in the guise of innocent nerd, infiltrated this underground unimpeded, and recorded the outré masques which actually exposed an aching vulnerability. His voyeurism validated the aspirations of this manic and uber-fashion-victim vanguard. The title is homage to Warhol’s foray into nightlife promotion and management of the Velvet Underground at his seminal, multi-media club, E.P.I (Exploding Plastic Inevitable) in the 60s.

For further information, interviews or image requests, please contact John Simone directly at 647-247-3421 or by cell at 289-221-7902.