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Flight — Clara Hirsch

This series expresses Clara Hirsch’s distress at the plight of refugees in Europe and the conflicts from which they are escaping. The images combine photographs she took in Syria, maps of the migration routes of those fleeing war, and images of her family arriving in Canada as refugees. The work merges the past with the present – the never-ending flight from conflict and the rejection of those desperate to find refuge.

Hirsch’s previous exhibitions in Madrid, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Toronto have tried to shed light on social issues; displacement, repression, and environmental change. Layering is an essential element of her work. It allows her to express the complexity of our world – painted acrylic sheets hovering over the photographs below.

In support of FCJ Refugee Centre. 

About the artist

Clara Hirsch’s work has been shaped by her childhood and her itinerant lifestyle. A child of holocaust survivors and a refugee in Canada at nine years old, she has always been sensitive to issues of social injustice.

Her husband is a retired diplomat. She was fortunate to have lived in many countries where she was forced to continually reinvent myself: teaching visual art in Delhi and Washington, DC; instructing English as a second language in Mexico City and Ottawa; consulting on human rights. In 2004, she returned full time to painting and photography.

About FCJ Refugee Centre

FCJ Refugee Centre serves refugees and others at risk due to their immigration status and addresses systemic issues that newly arrived refugee claimants face in Canada.  FCJ also welcomes anyone seeking advice on the immigration and refugee claim process, and provides referral to immigration lawyers, settlement services and counselling to support a healthy and positive start to life in Canada.


Exhibition dates: January 3 – 12
Opening reception: January 3, 7-10pm. Everyone welcome.