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Flotsam and Jetsam by Juliana Neufeld

A collection of works exploring odds and ends of the subconscious.

In its earliest definition, the term flotsam and jetsam was used to describe cargo and debris from a ship at sea, cast overboard and washed ashore. Today it has come to symbolize odds and ends that have seemingly little intention or greater use as a whole.

My work, in its most natural expression, feels akin to flotsam and jetsam of the mind. Like wreckage washed ashore, bits and pieces of unrealized characters, symbols and landscapes float to the surface of my consciousness, seeking new context and definition as I gently nudge them into being.

Working with the fluid nature of watercolour, it’s my intention to explore how these whimsical and sometimes strange odds and ends sit both individually and in relationship to each other whilst revealing a larger illustrated world of my subconscious.