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Gladstone Art Hut presents Michael Comeau

Curbside Mosaics by Toronto artist Michael Comeau will launch six months of programs to be presented in the Gladstone Hotel’s exciting new Art Hut pop-up space.

Michael Comeau has created posters for the streets of Toronto since 1999. In Curbside Mosaics generations of his ephemeral gig and party posters streak through movie posters and wallpaper designs to crystallize into the tectonic plates of a cultural mosaic. A glimpse at what could be the changing of the telephone pole leaves without repressive municipal ordinance against public paper expression. Stroll by the larger compositional expression or park curbside to delve into the fractals of design packed dense into the layers of this curbside mosaic.

Michael Comeau works on the wall, the print sheet and the page. Creating window displays and paste up murals with generations of street posters he created for parties, gigs, etc. His comic trilogy Hellberta won the Doug Wright award for experimental comics.


The Gladstone Hotel is embracing the ongoing change on West Queen West with an innovative project that will transform a temporarily empty property across the street into an art gallery and incubator for up-and-coming Toronto artists. The project hopes to spark conversations about the history while imagining the future of this site and others like it in our city—imbued with largely forgotten memories and on the cusp of transformation.

The land the Art Hut is situated on land that was once home to a large Indigenous community (pre 1830’s) before it became the location of the Parkdale train station (1850’s -1970’s) and then a centre of commerce/strip mall.  Other more transient uses of the site have included  a rail yard, a small factory, a mobile soup kitchen, a florist and a parking lot. In only 6 months, the empty storefront property will become a condo sales centre, and eventually a multi-story condominium will be erected. Until then, it will act as an extension of the Gladstone Hotel’s many experimental art-activated social spaces, facilitating new ideas, creative expression, collaboration, and new ways of experiencing art, culture and community.

Through this project, the Gladstone Hotel invites artists, collectives and organizations to explore how urban spaces are claimed and re-claimed and examine themes of temporality and transience. What do we imagine and hope will happen here in future and how do we build community in a post-gentrified neighbourhood?

Learn more and find out how to part of the project here.