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Gladstone Grow Op 2016


An Exhibition on Urbanism, Landscape & Contemporary Art
#GROWOP2016 | @gladstonehotel
April 21-24th, 2016


The Gladstone Hotel’s 4th annual Grow Op exhibition greets Earth Day and Spring with open arms from April 21st to 24th, 2016. Curators Christine Leu, Graham Teeple and Alan Webb shed new light on Grow Op 2016, with over 30 works that cultivate curiosity across a broad range of disciplines examining how humans and other species live within, without, and despite natural systems of growth and abundance, scarcity and decay.

This year’s Grow Op 2016 exhibition brings together a thought-provoking set of possibilities that reframe our understanding of the relationship between the urban and wild, culture and nature, and continues to look at urbanism and landscape through the trope of contemporary art and design. Building upon the foundation developed by landscape architect and Grow Op co-founder Victoria Taylor, Grow Op 2016 expands in it’s fourth year to features to collection of ecological curios from explorers, artists, farmers, landscape architects, anthropologists, advocates, historians, and healers. The Gladstone Hotel’s position in Toronto as a cultural hub and creative incubator provides the exemplary environment for this 4-day exhibition which will include affiliated evening programming as well as on and off-site participatory activities.

Grow Op 2016 seeks to instigate a dialogue with guests with the intention of helping us make sense of our rapidly changing landscapes and identify nature’s persistence within our cultural environments; to recognize how culture frames our very ideas of nature.

Exhibition Information

Grow Op takes place from April 21 – 24, 2016 in the Gladstone Hotel’s 2nd floor gallery and public space. This year’s exhibit will include evening events as well as both on and off-site participatory events.

Exhibition Hours:
April 21: 11am – 8pm
April 22: 11am – 10pm
April 23: 11am – 10pm
April 24: 10am – 5pm

Special Events:

April 21: Grow Op’s Alternative Food + Drink Show, Ballroom, 7-10pm

April 22: Opening Reception, 2nd Floor Gallery, 7-10pm | After Party, Melody Bar, 10pm-late

April 23: Offsite Installation by Robert Cram + After Party, OCADU Gallery, 7-10pm

April 24: Gladstone Flea Goes Green, Melody Bar, 10am – 4pm

Grow Op 2016 Participants:

Adam Biehler, Rui Felix, Alan Poon + Noah Scheinman; Anna Bowen + Christina Kingsbury; Robert Cram; Daniel Griffin Hunt + Tiffany Schofield; Djuna Day; Deena DelZotto and Victoria Taylor; Design Build Grow Studio; Micah Donovan; D&S Projects; Shelly Dwyer; Jasmine Frolick + Robynne Redgrave; Stefanie Gogan; LandArtDesign Landscape Architects Inc.; Becky Lauzon; Ayelen Liberona + Natasha Myers; Michael Rennick; Michaela MacLeod; Monique Resnick; Nathan Isberg, Nomadic Vision Studio (Claire Kurtin + Nadia Pulez + Ramin Yamin); Kelly Norman of Dopamine Collective; David Perrett; Shari Kasman; Kara Stone; Toronto Flower Market; [R]ed[U]x Lab; Wabi Sabi Collective


Poetry + Tree Construction with Wabi-Sabi Collective
1–3PM | Melody Bar | Free!

High Park Walk with Natasha Myers + Ayelen Liberona
2–4PM | High Park Gates
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Renku Workshop with Wabi-Sabi Collective
7–10PM | 2nd Floor Gallery | Free!

Bird Walk with Bird Studies Canada
1PM + 3PM | Around the Gladstone Hotel| Free!

High Park Walk with Natasha Myers + Ayelen Liberona
2–4PM | High Park Gates
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For Press inquiries contact Tara McCallum at

GROW OP Press coverage – Azure Magazine, Designlines, Canadian Art & Torontoist

Some highlights from Grow Op 2015:

IMG_2725 (1) IMG_2722 (1)

_MG_1577 _MG_1612

Left to right: Nomadic Vision Studio, Rebecca Houston, Ben Watt-Meyer, Julie Bogdanowicz