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  • Dates:
    Thurs April 22 - Sun April 26, 2015
  • Hours:
    Thurs 11am-8pm, Fri 11am-10pm, Sat and Sun 11am-5pm
  • Opening Reception:
    Fri April 17, 2014 | 7-10pm
  • Venue:
    2nd Floor Gallery public spaces throughout hotel
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Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel is pleased to announce the 3rd annual Gladstone Grow Op, a four day exhibition celebrating innovative ideas and conceptual responses to landscape, gardens, art and place making under the theme: culture of landscape. Grow Op 2015 will facilitate a cross- disciplinary forum across a broad range of creative practices within the vibrant setting of Toronto’s West Queen West neighbourhood. Grow Op, as one of the most intriguing annual exhibitions in Toronto, encourages a wide range of perspectives and dialogues around landscape and place; challenging our understanding of nature and the built environment around us.  The jury selected artworks and event program considers:  “What does a contemporary culture of landscape in our cities look like? .. sound like?… feel like”?

Grow Op 2015 seeks proposals from across North America ranging from horticultural initiatives to experimental and innovative landscape, art and community engagement projects. We seek proposals from individuals and/or new and existing collectives whose work engages with landscape, place and/or the natural world with the ultimate goal of creating an immersive exhibition that is both provocative and boundary pushing.  Grow Op 2015 offers an exciting venue to engage a large audience in a dialogue about the qualities and meaning behind the designed landscape both in the private garden and in our civic spaces.

Grow Op explores new territories and seeks to uncover new ways of expression and meaning through proposals that represent a wide range of approaches from the prosaic to the poetic, the elemental to the ephemeral. The use of plant material is not a specific requirement. Submissions are encouraged from a wide variety of creative practitioners including craftspeople, urbanists, landscape architects, performance artists, ecologists, film makers, chefs, poets, farmers, horticulturalists and many more!

Featuring new work by: Jasmeen Bains and Yi Zhou, Dan Bergeron, Bruno Billio, Julie Bogdanowicz, Bowery Project, Paul Chartrand, David Suzuki Foundation, Sandrina Dumitrascu and Clara Romero, Adrienne Hall, The Homegrown National Park Project , Rebecca Houston, Scott MacIvor and Liat Margolis, Mammalian Diving Reflex, Nomadic Vision, PARChive, Joaquin Sevillano, Jonas Spring &  Ben Watt-Meyer

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Gladstone Grow Op 2014: Exploring Landscape and Place

The Gladstone Hotel is pleased to announce the 2nd year of Gladstone Grow Op: Exploring landscape and place, a four-day event that celebrates innovative ideas and conceptual responses to landscape and place across a broad range of creative practices.

 Download the 2014 Catalog HERE

Curated by Victoria Taylor, and featuring 26 new projects, Grow Op 2014 is the Gladstone Hotel’s annual alternative landscape and urban design event, celebrating innovative ideas and conceptual responses to sustainable placemaking across a broad range of creative practices.  Through video, sound, performance, participatory experience, photography, animal parts, new media and the human body, Grow Op presents an immersive exhibition that is provocative and boundary pushing.  Embedded into the Hotel and its environs, from adventitious niches to feature rooms, the exhibition presents work that explores new territories. The projects symbiotically connect to tell stories about water, memory, urbanism, natural process, public space, everyday materiality, hunting, urbanism and rural food economies.

This is no ordinary journey down the garden path. The diverse range of works featured in this year’s exhibition asks: What is nature? What is natural? And how do navigate through the midst of these layered complexities? Grow Op participants invite us to observe, document, excavate and play in new ways, inspiring us to think and speak differently about space and form, light and colour and the new contemporary landscapes – from rail corridor to neighbourhood park to the open square and the rural counties beyond our boundaries – that shape and influence our towns and cities.

2014 Participants:

Karen Abel, Jessica Marion Barr, Jaclyn Blumas, Bruno Billio, Jenny Chan, Robert Cram, Nicholas Croft, Eileen Finn, Astrid Greaves, Jonathan Groeneweg, Susan Rowe Harrison, Rebecca Jane Houston, [R]ed[U]x Lab, In the Weeds TV, Mary Ivy Martin, Chef Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy Kitchens, Svetlana Lavrentieva, LeuWebb Projects, Carla Lipkin, Andrea Nesbitt, Karen May, Michaella MacLeod, Sarah MacLean, J. Scott MacIvor + Ally Ruttan, regionalArchitects, Society of Homo Ludens, Studio JayWall, Ben Watt-Meyer, Chef Mario Paz, Lynnette Postuma, Projexity + Gauge, Julia Smachylo, Chef Miriam Streiman, Mad Maple Country Inn.

Director/Curator Grow Op 2014 – Victoria Taylor, Landscape Architect OALA CSLA

New this year: EQUINOSH 

Sat Apr 26 | 5-8pm – Gladstone Ballroom

This year, as part of the Grow Op exhibition Chef Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy Kitchens, Chef Miriam Streiman, Mad Maple County Inn and Chef Mario Paz, Gladstone Hotel present an ambulatory ‘feast for the senses’ that celebrates the diversity of two local agricultural landscapes – Prince Edward County, 200k east of Toronto and Simcoe County & Grey-Bruce County, 200k north-west of Toronto and present them in the diverse urban context of the Gladstone’s ballroom in collaboration with designer Robert Cram and In the Weeds TV.

Find out more about EQUINOSH here.

Grow Op Jury                          

Victoria Taylor, Vanessa Eickhoff, Andrew Jones, David Young, Andrea Mantin, Netami Stuart, Lorraine Johnson, Emily Hogg, Duncan Alexander Forbes

Click here to download the 2013 CATALOGUE

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