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Words are so simple, I can trace them on paper. Love on the other hand,
I can barely materialize in my mind. The only proof I have of love is in my friends.

Built on beams of diplomacy and pillars of empathy, a friend is an embassy.
Someone who makes the most foreign of lands feel like home.

A friend is a crusader, a benevolent soul, validating the weight of my existence,
representing my beliefs and challenging what I’ve come to accept as unchangeable.

A friend is a diplomat, handling me with compassion and care, understanding my flaws in
character as assets not burdens.

A friend is a fugitive, seeking asylum in a world where you and I are competing entities.

A friend is a warrior, emanating courage, ready for battle by my side.

A friend is a beacon, of wisdom and hope, the closest thing to my own intuition.

Through a friend, I have power by virtue of love.
I have the power to dismantle all that is unjust and not based in love.

I am a friend.
As are you.
Together, we are a team.




Grayson James is an artist working in Toronto. This is his first solo exhibition.

Grayson would like to thank the Ryerson Artspace, and the team that makes it amazing, for their help and support with this exhibition. He would also like to thank his friends for their guidance and insight with this project