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Heartspace Hotel | Kim-Lee Kho

In this show artist Kim-Lee Kho is interested in the visceral and emotional experience of our human hearts, of the life and connections we can find inside, outside and between our heartspaces. Heartspace Hotel is part of her ongoing exploration of the human heart: as repository for emotions, as metaphor, as physical structure; a gateway to what our hearts mean to us.

Heartspace Hotel explores these ideas in multiple media: drawing, painting, text, photography, digital, mixed media, film-based transfer prints and sculpture. She has a special interest in hybrid forms combining digital and tactile media and methods, manifesting as either digital or physical originals.

Kim-Lee Kho

Heartspace Hotel

January 23 – March 4, 220

Gladstone Hotel, 3rd floor Gallery

Opening reception: Friday January 31, 7-10pm