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Hip Pop Art

Exhibition Dates: Jan 30 – Feb 12, 2017

Public Reception: Feb 2, 7pm-10pm 

Artist Statement:

I became a silkscreen artists before knowing anything about Andy Warhol’s work but when introduced to it I connected immediately. My work since then has been greatly influenced by the work of Warhol. Most of the work I produces poses the question. What if Warhol was a straight black man growing up in Toronto Canada in the 90’s? What would he produce? During the course of the residency At the Art Hut I will be producing work from my personal photography of the G20 protest to coincide with B.A.N.D.’s exhibition on protest among other works.

Artist Bio:

Andre Alexander is a Toronto based artists who works with painting, silkscreen, canvas and fabric. In 2000 Andre began his career in design creating custom prints on t-shirts for local artist and dance groups in Toronto. Since 2013 Andre has been producing pop art on canvas and developing his own brand of Hip Pop Art. He describes his work as Pop Art and Street Art with strong hip hop influence.              

Presented in collaboration with in collaboration with Black Artist Network in Dialogue (B.A.N.D.) and RIC exhibition

Sponsor: Black Artist Network in Dialogue (B.A.N.D.) and TD Bank

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