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Impossible Possessions

Impossible Possession
A Group Art Show featuring Kevin Compuesto, Kelly Hu, Caroline Ji, Phuong Nguyen Taylor, JW Pang, Michael Pitropov, Diego de la Rosa

May I never be complete. May I never be content. May I never be perfect
-Chuck Palahniuk

An impossible possession is an unrealistic ideal, manifested through our desire. Often thought of as an outwards pursuit for material gain, we neglect the search within ourselves. Through introspective exploration of the figure, seven artists examine their inner search for The Impossible Possession.

With different backgrounds, interests, and approaches, the artist involved in this exhibition demonstrates a range of approaches to interpreting the “impossible possession”. Collectively these interpretations of the theme speak of either the introspective process about the pursuit of this impossible possession or about the consequences and wake of ideological desires that reside within ourselves, from the personal narrative of identity to the grand narrative of our anthropology.

The approach to manifesting the many sides of the impossible possession lies in the painting of the figure. Historically, paintings of people branch off into two schools of thoughts: one where the painting s of the figure are about the subject painted or two, that the subject painted is a metaphor for a much grander narrative. These approaches to the figure parallel the diverse approaches of the artists’ responses to the impossible possession. The image of the human figure is one when even in its vaguest of forms it is relatable. Through the universality of the figure, we aim to use its image as allegory for the impossible possession.

As human beings our wants and needs for both material and material possessions is one of many things that makes us collectively distinct from other species. This pursuit takes on many forms. From Buddhist philosophy to the Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fight Club”, to want is a human struggle. The group of potential participating artists represents a wide variety of approaches to both the figure and the theme of the impossible possession.