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JUNE 13 – AUGUST 5TH, 2018 (12-5PM DAILY)

The Gladstone Hotel is pleased to collaborate in conjunction with TSG +
10×10, to feature a selection of works by alumni of The Intergenerational
LGBT Artist Residency; the first intergenerational artist-in-residency program
for LGBTQ2 visual artists in Canada. The residency offers studio space, travel
support and free room and board to juried applicants for the duration of the
two-week residency at an artist retreat centre on Toronto Island. Residents
also receive mentoring and studio visits from critically acclaimed artists and
curators who participate in the community the residency generates.
Now in it’s 5th year, The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency is unique in
the world. The aim of The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency is a vision
and experience of sustainability through resource sharing, shared practice, art
career management training, and community building via Canadian LGBTQ2
visual art and political histories. By exploring Canadian LGBTQ2 art history
and artistic practice, while supporting artists and art production, we could
foster communication across generational lines. With this community building
initiative, artists highlight the trajectory and longevity of LGBTQ2, both
historically and reaching into the future.
The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency retrospective exhibitions are
made possible with support of OAC and Canada Council for the Arts. These
works will be recorded in The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency fonds
at The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (CLGA), the largest independent
LGBTQ archive in the world. In this way CLGA is elevating the ongoing
endeavour of The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency to support the
practices and study of LGBTQ2 artists.

Featured Residency Artists:

Vincent Chevalier / “AIDS ART___ ”, Stairwell
AIDS art is about AIDS art raises awareness about AIDS i am talking
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AIDS art is about AIDS art raises awareness about AIDS i am talking about AIDS
you are thinking about AIDS i have AIDS you know AIDS art about AIDS art AIDS.
Vincent Chevalier is an artist who melds autobiography, documentary research, and appropriated media to construct uncanny works on screen. This interdisciplinary practice has roots in his earliest experiments with performance and video. His projects constitute an autoethnographic study of AIDS and queer sexuality as they relate to personal narratives and larger social, political, and
historical contexts. @hyperflesh

Eshan Rafi / Retouching Diana”, 3rd Floor central table
In Retouching Diana, colonial violence is recast by imaging-imagining the ghost of Princess Diana touching sick people, people of colour, and people in the global south. A queer chronopolitics flattens time-space of colonized south asia, charity work, white feminism, unruly bodies, Diana dead and alive.
Memorialization occurs by considering how we are structured through the other, mutually co-constituted, enveloped in the messiness of power and violence. Re-inscribing the other becomes an act of re-inscribing ourselves too. In this iteration, accompanied by textual-theoretical musings, a volume of images is presented to be mistreated by the public. What catharsis can occur through acts
of erasure?
Eshan Rafi (born Lahore, Pakistan) works in video, code, text and performance. Taking up complex intersections of race, power and history, they employ sites, stories and materials to construct queerly divergent worldviews. Rafi has been a resident at the Artist Research Laboratory led by Yvonne Rainer at Fondazione Antonio Ratti in Como, a participant in the inaugural Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency 2013, and a fellow in the Home Workspace Program from 2014- 2015 at Ashkal Alwan Lebanese Association of Plastic Arts, Beirut. Their artworks have been recognized through numerous awards and scholarships, and exhibited internationally. Forthcoming presentations include the M:ST Performative Art Biennale in Calgary and Aphrodite* in Athens. Rafi holds a BFA and BEd from York University.

Gary Varro / “Soft Peak”, Performance Piece in 207 on July 17th 6pm
A series of white ‘tubes’ are continually applied to the body, entered, occupied, incubated, and exited over a series of hours. Distorting and altering visual perception of the artist’s body, SOFT PEAK explores the yearning for a new form, a new self – something other. Developed at The Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency 2014.
Gary Varro is a curator and visual artist based in Regina where, in 1996, he established and continues to present Queer City Cinema Festival and more recently Performatorium Festival of Queer Performance. Varro’s visual art practice has proposed critical relationships with the architectural and social spaces they occupy and reference. Often performative in nature, Gary now includes performance as an additional form of his visual art practice. Performances include Soft Peak at LIVE International Performance Art Biennale in Vancouver (2013) and at 7a11d International Festival of Performance Art in Toronto (2014) WTF (White Truck, Fuck)! at Rencontre internationale d’art performance de Québec in Quebec City (2014) Supernovae performed at Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum (2015) and Say Aaahhh as part of CO-
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