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Kitsch Assemblage and the Ornate | Solo show by Izaak Sacrebleu

March 1st – March 30th, 2017 12-5pm daily
Opening Reception: March 9th, 7-10pm
4th Floor Gallery

While we wholeheartedly enjoy objects of the past, from historical paintings to antiques and architecture, there is to these objects an undertone of morbidity; these objects are inherited from dead people, their dead tastes and dead ideologies.

Provided the excess of information available to us now, contemporary aesthetic has evolved into a self-aware, self-preserving organism. The knowledge that certain objects and shades have and will always be in vogue has birthed a sort of contemporary super-aesthetic; though it is perhaps not contemporary at all.


“The figures, objects and ‘tastes’ that Sacrebleu re-contextualizes are all appropriated from paintings by long-deceased artists, and the waxy, aloof figures stand as stark suggestions that unlike every period of history that has passed us, our current moment is, arguably, not defined by any particularly outstanding style, mood, or manifesto. But whilst Sacrebleu’s paintings do remind us that all we have are ghosts of movements past, they stand for more than this. The absurdity of his images are painfully reflective of this current moment in both politics and art, where the past and status quo are being re-addressed and split open, revealing the problematic ugliness in notions of truth and beauty within the Western canon.”

-Mariam Nader


Izaak Sacrebleu’s paintings investigate the semiotics of art and design history, employing a range of both iconic and obscure visual references. Through haphazard brushstrokes and the repurposed nature of his materials, Izaak’s work questions traditional modes of art making and viewing. Izaak received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD in 2014. Steadily exhibiting since, Izaak’s work has been acquired by a number of collections, most notably the permanent collection of Mercedes-Benz Canada. In the last three years Izaak has received notable press, including BlogTo’s 10 up and coming Toronto artists you should know. Izaak recently moved his studio from Toronto’s Kensington Market to its Stockyards District. This is his first solo exhibition.