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Featured Works by Jordan Clayton

-Flowers for Algernon. 64″ x 70″ Oil, oil pastel, oiled graphite, genuine vermillion on canvas.
-Phlogiston in the CRISPR.  66″ x 72″ Oil, oil pastel, oiled graphite, genuine vermillion, genuine lapis lazuli on canvas


This selection of ethereal paintings and drawings are meant to explore and compare the synonymous nature of technological malfunctions and human mutation. The two themes interact in constructed spaces that read neither as organic, nor organized, nor authentically true. However insofar that these spaces are constructed, they are painted with an intended believability through calculated precision and various semi-rendered forms. The artist relies on formal technique, as well as motifs meant to simulate corrupted, digital, image files. The work is meant to engage a dialogue about the growing integration of technology into the body, transhumanism, and the tension between contemporary and antiquated medical practice. The artist fosters a strange obsession with mistakes (be them organic, or technological), and the body. He often draws inspiration from his own medical experiences and propensity to develop bodily anomalies.


Jordan Clayton is a young, award-winning artist who specializes in painting and drawing. His work is internationally collected, as well as represented in both Canada and Manhattan, NY. He was born in 1991 and raised in rural, Keswick, Ontario. His most recent solo exhibition was A Conversation with Taxonomy held at Studio Sixty Six Gallery in Ottawa, ON. His most recent group show was New Work, held at Galerie Youn in Montreal, QC.

The current objective of his work is to monumentalize the microscopic by representing the processes and growth of organisms, objects, and ephemera whose existences may or may not exist to the naked eye. His work highlights the intersections of art and science through what can be contextualized as bio-art or sci-art. His work discusses various researched phenomena, observations, and theory in a manner that tiptoes between organic form and geometric abstraction.

IG: jclay012