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Lauren Hortie | Charreada Hoy


Lauren Hortie | Charreada Hoy

Charreada Hoy! is a series of paper works inspired by Mexican papel picado (“cut paper”), a traditional art form used to decorate homes and public spaces for special events. The images are based on photos taken at the Sunday charreada (rodeo) leagues of San Isidoro Maztapec, a rural town of 6,000 in Jalisco State MX. Completed over the course of an artist residency at Anima Casa Rural, each piece is a single sheet of paper cut with a craft knife.

Living in a small town in Mexico I was inspired by the Mexican love of bold colours and the tendency to celebrate and decorate every festival, holiday or local event. I have long admired papel picado and relished the opportunity to combine my previous work in illustration with my work in shadow puppetry and projections. I am also interested in rural culture and was fascinated by the charreada tradition. Charreada is the pre­curser to what Canadians and Americans know as rodeo. Although the two are very similar, charreada includes costumes and music as well as activities like bull riding and calf roping. In the charreada arena, physical labour becomes sport and everyday workplace objects like saddles and hats become works of art. The images in Charreada Hoy! are of amateurs, more akin to Sunday softball beer league than Calgary Stampede. Thanks to Anima Casa Rural for introducing me to charreada and to the people of San Isidoro Maztapec for including me in their Sunday tradition. I’m honoured to share the beauty and physicality of a unique rural Mexican tradition.

Lauren Hortie’s series will be showing on the main floor of the Gladstone. Please join us for the Opening Reception on March 10th from 7-10pm in our cafe.