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I’m No Wallflower: A Lisa Brown Retrospective

“I started by painting everything pink. I am pink on the outside and pink on the inside, so this is a very special colour.”
-Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown was a Toronto-born, Paris and Berlin-based artist who passed away from cancer in 2001, at the age of 31. Working in the frenetic creative atmosphere of Berlin in the late ‘90s, Lisa’s signature drawing and painting style blends Modernist, Pop and street art influences with her own whimsical outlook and symbolism. In her short life, her insatiable appetite to create produced a prolific body of work, including a mural on the Berlin wall.

I’m No Wallflower: A Lisa Brown Retrospective is a celebration of Lisa’s life and work, and aims to evoke the vitality and creativity that defined the artist herself. This multimedia exhibition showcases over forty of the artist’s original pieces, many of which have not been seen publicly in over a decade. The exhibition coincides with the release of the book J’ai Revé Quelque Chose Hier: The Art of Lisa Brown. Hardcover copies, original artwork and reproductions will be for sale, with 10% of all proceeds donated to Bridgepoint Active Healthcare.


Exhibition made possible by Melleny Melody and Clive Smith
Curated by Cia Mellegers