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The Love (Actually) Exhibition

The Love Actually Exhibition is inspired by the immensely important real moments that make up a wedding day, and the people within the wedding community.

There has been a big shift in the direction of wedding photography over the past dozen years. And, while many still make a beautiful career with the more ‘pose and shoot’ type of photography, there has been an emergence of photographers who focus on the candid and genuine interactions between people that create truly real moments in photographs.

After being witness to more than just a few weddings, and having just gotten married myself, I’ve come to understand the value and beauty of a real moment. Weddings are real days, full of real emotions and real relationships. Weddings are not a production, so why should they be treated like one? Weddings are full of love, happiness, and dozens upon dozens of moments that will live on in the minds of who were a part of this special day.

I think too often people forget the beauty of being simply present, and that one moment alone is worth more than any final line on the wedding budget. Sometimes people get swept away in the million of details and plans of the day, instead of connecting with the people that will outlive the details & plans. Yes, all these elements are important and play a vital part in making your wedding – well, your wedding. But, once planned, trust in the people who you’ve enlisted to be there for you and be fully present to what is happening around you with the people you’ve chosen to be with. Weddings are about seeing the big picture. And, I believe that each ‘picture’ here represents just that.

The wedding community is so vivacious and full of artistic, professional and heartfelt individuals. There has definitely been a transition from seeing one another as competitors, and instead, as colleagues. The community has been moving in a direction of supporting one another, referring each other to clients who are the right fit for them and even creating functions that act as a way to bring everyone together with the aim of bettering our community. There exists support, trust, and even friendship.

Each photo in the collection is laced with love and happiness. Each photo is of a real moment from ‘the day’. Each photo carries with it something important that will forever be remembered by the couple who said “I do”, or the friends and family that were given the honour of sharing this day. Each photo showcases the work of a group of wedding professionals that work with heart and commitment in making their client’s day flawless, and lay the scene for them to build all their memories upon. I hope you feel love and happiness from every one of these moments. xo

Photo credit, clockwise: Frances Beatty, Hugh WhitakerScarlet O’Neill and Daring Wanderer (bottom corners)

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Love (Actually) Exhibition Contributors 

Blush and Bowties, Danijela Pruginic, Daring Wanderer, Erin Leydon, Frances Beatty, Hugh Whitaker, Inna Yasinska, Jenn & Dave Stark, Jessica Lee, Kimon Kaketsis, Laura May, Laura Rowe, Liat Aharoni, Lisa Mark, Lynzie Kent – Love by Lynzie, Maison Blanche, Melissa Sung, Olive Photography, Rebecca Wood, 3B Photography, Sara Monika, Sara Wilde, Scarlet O’Neill, Tami Klein, Tara Lilly, Tellie Hunt, Ten 2 Ten Photography, TJ Tindale