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Mad Rabbit Art by Candace Osborne Bell


I like to play with the idea of self – the similarities and differences between individuals, various roles we all play and the frequency with which these can change. We all live in such close quarters on this planet that we can’t help but impact each other in myriad ways. I think of all this in broader terms than simply exploring our humanness; to me it’s about tapping into our animalness: a more raw, deeply rooted commonality. While some days it’s all about making a big beautiful mess, other times creating art is a way of containing an experience so that I can examine it, pinned flat and held still for a minute. Most of my art ends up being mixed media – just about anything can be appropriated as an art supply and these lie in wait like so many candies. The usual suspects are drawing media, paints and fabrics, frequently layered with woodcuts.

Candace Osborne Bell was born in Sudbury, Ontario. She graduated from McMaster University’s fine art programwith honours and a minor in English. She works mostly in two-dimensional mixed media, primarily involving painting, printmaking, drawing and sewing. Candace has worked in an art gallery, taught several children’s art courses, worked as a teacher’s assistant for a university drawing course, displayed her work in festivals around Southern Ontario and in galleries in Toronto, Hamilton and Cambridge, and is continually working on commissions. She currently lives in Oakville.