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Make/Shift at the Art Hut

Exhibition Dates
Nov 24 –  Dec 4

Opening Reception
Nov 24  | 7-9pm

In many urban areas, including Toronto, the expanding cities significantly altered the surrounding natural landscape to suit the needs of urbanization. This expansion has led to the creation of fabricated spaces throughout urban centres. A large scale, local example of a fabricated space is the Toronto Harbourfront. In the 1850’s the city began a land filling project to expand the land into the lake to meet the demands of a growing city.[1]

More recently, there has been significant planning and various initiatives to reintroduce green space into the city, such as the Go Train Park and the construction of the Tommy Thomson Marsh. In the Marsh, “every log and rock in the wetland’s ponds was placed by hand”.[2] The manipulation of the natural environment juxtaposes the environmental history of Toronto to carry out urban planning and fulfil the needs of the population.

Make/Shift seeks to explore public perceptions of fabricated green and landfill space through the multidisciplinary works of 5 local artists. Using urban environments in and outside Toronto, throughout North America, and the World, the artist’s works are related to the concept of contemporary and historic made spaces. The works also seek to explore the constructive and deconstructive relationships of urbanization and nature while focusing on their connection to community identity and a sense of place.

Culture and Heritage Management Collective Class Show, Centennial College

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[2] Winter, Jesse. "Carefully Constructed Wetland Unveiled in Tommy Thompson Park | Toronto Star." September 14, 2016. Accessed November 07, 2016. wetland-unveiled-

Gallery Hours

Nov 25: 6-9pm

Nov 26: 12-5pm

Nov 27: 12-5pm

Dec 1: 6-9pm

Dec 2: 6-9pm

Dec 3: 12-5pm

Dec 4:  12-5pm