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Sequence: Solo Show by Maria Abbruzzese

Nov. 30th – Dec. 3rd (12-5pm daily)
Soft Opening Nov. 30th 7-10pm
Sequence: a series of related things or events that follow in succession.
This collection of paintings began with a particular interest in the Fibonacci sequence as it is articulated in nature; DNA; art; or the universe. However, it soon took on a different focus as I began an emotional spiral inward, due to concussion symptoms suffered after a car accident. Cognitive abilities were compromised, relationships were challenged; painting became a release from the fog and struggle to gain focus and control of mind and body. Each piece in this personal series evokes a moment in my journey to emerge whole.
Maria Abbruzzese is a Toronto based artist and graduate of OCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Maria also holds a Bachelor of Education degree from York University, and is a teacher with the Toronto District School Board.
Maria’s art is a direct response to a myriad of emotions influenced by experiences and places. She is inspired by and seeks to capture the multiple dimensions of place- landscape, architecture, nature, culture and emotion.