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I Am Here | Solo Show by Maria Abbruzzese

This collection of paintings and photographs is a reflection of some of the recent places and spaces I visited. I am grateful for what brought me to these vastly different places and I embrace the impermanence of those moments where I was captivated by the view, art piece, landscape, or the silence. These are the occasions I wanted to capture in this compilation those moments when the world disappears and time stands still and you say, “I am here”. These works depict a specific point in time, what comes before and what remains provide a history to explore and a future to ponder. Although my experience with each place was fleeting; I hope to have captured a fragment of their enduring beauty and vibrancy.

Maria Abbruzzese is a Toronto based artist and graduate of OCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Maria also holds a Bachelor of Education degree from York University, and is a teacher with the Toronto District School Board. Maria works as a commissioned artist. The majority of Maria’s portfolio consists of works born from Painting and Photography, her two preferred mediums. When painting she works with oil paint applied with palette knives on canvas. Her works are inspired by and seek to capture the multiple dimensions of place, landscape, architecture, nature, culture, and emotion.

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