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Maxwell Hyett | Lacuna

Where is the intersection between concept and material? One of a number of answers is: on paper.

Paper has been used to record our thoughts for nearly two millennia, first seen in China around the 2nd century CE. In that time paper has served a heavily influential role in the storage, transference and manifestation of thought. Paper receives our grocery lists, our notes, our letters, our journals, our finances, our history and much more.

In this body of work Maxwell Hyett looks at paper as the catalyst, or meeting point, between the material world and the conceptual world. The letters and symbols we use to communicate open small, interwoven windows into spaces that exist beyond the surface of the paper we see. Through layers of synonymous words, or simply the letters within a single word, Maxwell looks at the act of reading as an access point to the fallibility and beauty of communication.

Join us of the opening reception on April 14th from 7-10pm in our 3rd floor Gallery.