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NUIT BLANCHE: Then | Now | Next Oct 4, 2014

Our Annual One Night Only Nuit Blanche Celebration!

Saturday, OCTOBER 4, 2014 to sunrise on OCTOBER 5, 2014

Exhibition Hours: 6:51pm-7am
We’re celebrating 125 years this fall with an exhibition that looks back to its roots and looks forward to its future while examining everything in between and you’re invited to share your stories with us as well.  We’re looking for love stories, celebrations, ghost stories and even fictitious stories that you create.

On October 4th for Nuit Blanche join us for a re-interpretation of the show when artists take over the second floor with their propositional pieces for the space and help us predict the future while reflecting on the past.  Join an international roster of artists who have made work that accentuate the magical qualities of the hotel, calling on the alchemy its site and recalling tales of its past.

Nuit Blanche Featured Artists:
Andrew Choptiany – Timelines
Ivan Buenader – Stolen Portraits
Adam Bialo – Death of Queen West
Apollonia Vanova – The Red Carpet
Mary Dyja – Fungal Overtake
Abstractus Collective – Constant Static For Recurrent Displacement

Outside the building: Lock away your (de)vices and immerse your soul in contemplation. The Ministers of the Digital Tabernacle will inspire you to observe a period of digital abstinence and confess your digital sins. You will be filled with analog grace and a new light will shine on your tweeting, texting, and selfie-posing. Don’t self-document. Repent.

In the BALLROOM: Sing Like No One’s Watching. Join Shameless Karaoke host Wil McLean for a special extended group sing-along karaoke. The words are on the big screen for everybody, so grab a hair brush on your way in and belt it out. Throughout the night we’ll also throw down some DJ sets if the room wants to dance. Extended liquor license means we’re serving & partying until 4am.

Also join us SEPTEMBER 30th for NUIT TALK
Walking Between Worlds – Navigating Issues of Migration and Exchange. Join A Walk Among Worlds artist Maximo Gonzalez and Stolen Portraits artist Ivan Buenader in discussion with Francisco Alvarez in conversation as they share insights on their practice.
6pm, FREE, click HERE for more info

For info about all Scotiabank Nuit Blanche events click HERE


BlogTO’s top ten Nuit Blanche Exhibits, “Under one roof one could watch cabaret, sing Karaoke, participate in a knitting circle, share a secret with a stranger, or play voyeur..”
– BlogTO

One of Torontoist’s favourite installations of the night, “The Gladstone Hotel can be depended on as a Nuit Blanche staple for seeing an array of indoor and outdoor exhibits throughout all four floors of the building.”

– Torontoist

“It’s not surprising that the Gladstone pulled it off of course, as it’s well connected to the local art scene, and not just pretending to be for one night a year.”

–NOW Magazine

Nuit Blanche Archive


2013 participants:
Alexa Hainsworth, Amy Ash, Analog Analogue, Brian Donnelly, Chiho Tokita, Debbie Danbrook, the Directors Collective, Ebonnie Hollenbeck, Grace Eunmi Lee, Jessica Runge, Rachael Wong & Steve Whalley, JoAnn Purcell with Seneca College, Stephen Séguin, Sonia Tyagi, Theater Brouhaha, Vera Greenwood, Wayne Muma

In the Melody Bar:
Starting at 9pm Lemon Bucket Orkestra will be playing throughout the night alternating with karaoke with Peter Styles. The bars will be open until 4am!

The Portrait Petition:

Sure, Nuit Blanche is known for bringing together art from across the city, but this year,  the up-all-night cultural extravaganza coincides with the 50th day of Cairo imprisonment, without charges or any family contact, for Canadian humanitarians Dr. Tarek Loubani and filmmaker John Greyson.

To bring attention to the dark milestone, we have collaborated with York University Associate Professor Nina Levitt and fellow artist Jim Miller to dedicate this year’s Nuit Blanche installation at the well-known Queen West art hotel and community hub to the two prisoners.  This year we’re encouraging all Fly By Night goers to support efforts to free Loubani and Greyson by participating in the Portrait Petition, a uniquely visual resource and tumblr site, started by Levitt and Miller, friends of the two imprisoned men. On Saturday night, Nuit Blanche participants can also share their Gladstone Portrait Petition experience under the hashtag #NBJohnTarek


a WIRED vision by Alek Grguric, Fortune-ate by Amanda Nunes ,  Heavy Sleep by Amy Siegel , Archaean by Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea, Tahireh Lal, Marian Wihak, No Rights / No Wrongs by Broken City Lab, IvA(N) by afallenhorse and Calvin Winter, Lower Green Roof: Luminance by Helen Yung, The SoundBath by Jesse G.L. Stewart – Artist In Resonance, The Amber Archive by John Paul Robinson, Occupy the Zoo: a numbers game by Karen Darricades, 12 HR Zine Machine by Madeleine Collective , #embodiment by Maria Galaxidas, Believe In Yourself by Fitness Phone (David Tallis & Neil LaPierre), The Erotic Photography of Richard Northwood by Richard Northwood, ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, MINERAL by  Stefan Herda, The Sun Turns Itself Inside Out by Steven White, memory: linked by Woohee Lyu.

Curated by Noa Bronstein & Britt Welter-Nolan

Check out photos from the 2011 show by clicking here


With works by: The Stars of Great Canadian Burlesque, Sketchy the Clown and his troupe of Misfits, Henry Adam Svec’s, Samantha Mogelonsky, Mindy Alexander and Habir Rehill, Deborah Caruthers, Dominique Cheng, Kira Crugnale, Claire Bartleman, Jessica Chan, Miranda Crabtree, Andrew MacDonald, Martin Kuchar & Christopher Collins,Cara Spooner, Adriana Disman, Andrea de Keijzer and Erin Robinsong, Streetknit, Jessica Tai, Jessica Chan, Joan Kaufman, Gustavo Cerquera & Halley Rigbey, Leslie Putnam and David Bobier, Britt Randle, Caroline Niklas-Gordon and Bruno Billio, Tadaaki Hozumi, Lynne Heller, Martha Griffith & Matthew Catalano,

Curated by: Britt Welter-Nolan