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Oasis Skateboard Factory | The Youth Are Revolting 2016

This March, the Gladstone Hotel will host a retro mini skateboard exhibit and silent auction of rolling artworks by high school students and local artists in support of the Oasis Skateboard Factory’s innovative school programming.

The Oasis Skateboard Factory (OSF) is an award winning high school program where at-risk youth earn credits and graduate by running a skateboard design business. For THE YOUTH ARE REVOLTING 2016, young emerging student designers collaborated with high-profile professional artists to develop a series of skateboards based on the theme of teen stereotypes and rebellion.

Come meet all the artists and bid on one-of-a-kind art skateboards at our Closing Party & Silent Auction on Friday March 11 from 7 to 10PM. This is the culmination of a great mentorship program and an opportunity provided by sponsors Roarockit Skateboard Company (who donated wood and materials) to raise money to ensure Oasis Skateboard Factory has enriched resources to help youth develop transferable creative and entrepreneurial skills into the future.

*Artists include the 14th OSF Student Design Crew with: Kevin Harper, Ian Langdon, Lukus Toane, Andrew Scott, Alexa Hatanaka, Patrick Thompson Conrad Sandbacka, Paul Wolk, Beto Janz, Ben Ackerman, Andy Slater, Oleg Portnoy, CHAMPSTILES Woodburning, Ness Lee, Amanda B, Patrick Weir & Marc Pelland of FUSE, Bennett Klein, Well Preserved, Marko Neofotistos, Mary Tremonte, ROCK, Syrus Ware, Devin Boutcher, Lisa Farrows, MODEL CITIZEN, Kirsten Muenzberg, Beverly Furer, HOOKY Creative Co. with Jay Douglas, Lauren Hortie, Moises Frank, Jade Weir, Kelsey Whyte


Oasis Skateboard Factory is a Toronto District School Board alternative high school entrepreneurial design program where at-risk youth (age 16 to 21) earn credits and graduate by building skateboards and running a design business.