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Recurrent Measures

Rehearsals in Progress
Tuesday, Feb 28 –  Friday, March 3 | 4:00 to 7:00pm
Saturday, March 4 | 5:00 – 8:00pm
Presentation Followed by Discussion
Sunday March 53:00pm

Artist Statement:

Recurrent Measures is a performance / installation piece featuring durational spinning and polyrhythmic gestures initiated by artistic director / choreographer George Stamos in collaboration with artists Geronimo Inutik and Stacey Désilier. Oscillating between meditation and play Recurrent Measures investigates how measurements of time and motion can be continually relived, modulated. The sustained cycles of Recurrent Measures evoke determination, resistance, altered states, and the power of calm, optimistic persistence.

Artist Bio:

Self-defined as “a Post-trash, Neo-queer, Transdisciplinary artist” Montréal based George Stamos is known for creating performance that is physically dynamic and thought provoking. Over the past fifteen years he has generated work regularly in Montréal and toured across the globe with his creations, and as a dancer with other prominent contemporary choreographers. In his formative years Stamos was a go-go dancer in Toronto, London, Amsterdam and NYC. Articles and reviews written by Stamos have been published online and in print by Canada’s leading dance magazine The Dance Current since 2013.