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Reflections on Rotation

As the inaugural installation for the Melody Bar’s new revitalization, Reflections on Rotation draws on the Gladstone Hotel’s rich history for its inspiration while suggesting portals to new possibilities and unforeseen outcomes.

The archetypal guest room mirror takes on magical qualities through its evanescent re-colouring, inviting the telling of fortunes and sharing of secrets.

Inhabiting the ceiling space overhead, the piece resides in a zone of collected conversations, reverberating karaoke cries and vestigial clouds of cigarette smoke.

The slowly rotating mirrors allow for fleeting glances that are subverted and distorted, casting about shifting images of the room below and projecting light in fluid motion.

About the Artists
LeuWebb Projects is a collaborative venue for creative exploration. Christine Leu and Alan Webb seek to engage people with both the tangible and the ephemeral by activating the senses and inviting participation.

In creating site-specific installations, they employ space, light, sound and texture to evoke possibilities and communicate ideas through visceral means. With an underlying interest in activating public space, their work incorporates responsive technologies and common or found materials to connect with participants.

Presently living and working in Toronto, both Leu and Webb are trained as architects while practicing as interdisciplinary artists. They have exhibited previously at the Gladstone Hotel’s Come Up To My Room (2011), Toronto Design Offsite Festival (2014, 2013), Toronto Public Libraries (2014), and Scotiabank Nuit Blanche (2014, 2013, 2011).