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Ryerson ArtSpace | ‘Lady Parts’ by Alycia Kosonic & Katiuska Doleatto

Lady Parts presents works by Alycia Kosonic and Katiuska Doleatto who employ appropriation and collage techniques to present imagery centered around femininity, the body and materiality. Kosonic questions our obsessive scrutiny of the textures and forms present in the female body by melding them with those found in nature. Sourcing from vintage magazines, the images exude an aesthetic associated with the advent of the modern housewife gone slightly awry. Doleatto conjures gender-bending configurations that hover between organism and machine with an almost sci-fi sensibility. Her emphasis on patent leather pumps makes each creature appear wet with sexuality. Scaled up and affixed directly to the wall, the dominant figures loom in a state of unrestrained animation. Both artists pull from magazines geared toward women in an attempt to recontextualize and subvert the image’s original intent.



Alycia Kosonic is an artist from Burlington, Ontario. She has been passionate about art making in many forms her whole life. In photography, she likes to explore various subjects but primarily enjoys creating collages with found imagery. She graduated with a BFA from Ryerson’s Photography program in 2015 and is currently attending Sheridan College.

Katiuska Doleatto is a Toronto based artist. She was born in Torino and at the age of seventeen she moved to Rome where she taught English and studied theatre for four years. In 2004 she received her BFA from Ryerson University in photographic studies. She was the long time assistant to the late Arnaud Maggs and is currently the production manager for the Estate of Arnaud Maggs. As well she continues to assist artists Spring Hurlbut and Geoffrey James.