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Ryerson Artspace | Thresholds

The threshold delineates the space between the inside and the out. The domestic, urban, and the natural, pastoral. As a boundary, it helps to define human activity, and incorporates a sense of élan or of passage. Beyond these purely architectonic and physical aspects, the threshold implies a metaphorical and conceptual space not limited by such constraints. It guides us in a critical engagement with larger cultural, political, theoretical and ontological issues of presence, absence, and territory.

From Ifeoma U. Anyaeji‘s reflections on belonging and displacement to Katie Bruce‘s questioning of the boundaries between subject and object, these artworks consider notions of boundaries and passages through video, sculpture, performance, photography and mixed media.

The Cross-Sections Art Conference is committed to fostering the development of artists and creators in the academic community. Recognizing the importance of research-creation and innovation, Cross-Sections functions as a space of endless inquiry; privileging the creative and nontraditional, while troubling the boundaries of convention in academic discourse.

Intersections|Cross-Sections is a yearly graduate student conference in the Joint Communication and Culture program of Ryerson and York Universities currently in its 14th year. The conference is run by a dedicated team of graduate students in the program and the graduate students’ association in collaboration with senior academics and administrators.

Cross-Sections 2015 invites you to explore the space opened up, ruptured, or bounded by the threshold.

Curated by Alexandra DiGioseffo, Abigail Henry, Kathleen McLeod, and Katrina Orlowski.