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Ryerson Artspace – ‘Stratatone’ by [R]ed[U]x Lab

Opening Reception Nuit Blanche: October 1st, Sunset – Sunrise
Exhibition Run: October 1st – October 9th, 2016
Society has become defined by webs of communication. Never before has a message been as widely distributed as has recently been allowed by modern technology. With this distribution comes distortion. A message becomes more abstracted the more people pass it along; an inevitable case of broken telephone.
Stratatone replicates this concept through art. A pattern (the message) should be simple to repeat, yet as the commotion of those around it increases, it becomes distorted; moving, growing, shrinking.
As people traverse the surrounding area, noise peaks and other sensors interfere, abstracting the forms and images being drawn by a series of robots. A unique image is created over the course of time that all participants can truly say they contributed to.
As students from Ryerson University’s Department of Architectural Science, the team came together to explore human interaction with art and design.