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Teenagers in Residence


We’re happy to have the pitter patter of teenage feet back in the hotel as the crew from Mammalian Diving Reflex moves in for a new residency “Teens Take Over: Teens in Residency Program at the Gladstone Hotel“. Watch out for exciting new programming from this rowdy group, like their latest project: Teen Tours.

We’re in!

Mammalian is insanely amped to announce that as of March 1st, 2013, we will be the Gladstone Hotel’s Company in Residence and (get ready for this!) our teen collective, the Torontonians, will be TEENAGERS IN RESIDENCE. The first Teenagers in Residence in an art hotel in the history of the universe. This shiz is about to get real, yo.

So what are the plans, you ask? Besides, you know, running our office, we’ll be programming, programming and more programming. There’s a lot we don’t know yet, and a bunch we do know.

What we do know:
How to Hook Up: Featuring live interviews and performances with youth from companies north of the ol’ 401. The bogus downtown/suburbs divide is officially DEAD. You heard it here first.

Gladwebstone: A web-based video series shot and hosted by the Torontonians and featuring all the activities, events and artists at the hotel and around the local ‘hood. Interviews, critiques, investigative reports, news, weather. It’s going to be sick.

The Young Mammals Media Services (Hire a Teen): With over 720 events happening at the Gladstone every year, someone’s bound to need some documentation. As a way to build skills, meet the arts community, and make a bit of coin, the Torontonians are offering their media services at reasonable prices. Hire a kid with some high-end equipment to make you look good.

The Torontonians are a Toronto-wide performance collective, soon to include the whole world. We create performance, walk around England, give lectures, shoot videos, dance on the street, take pics, scour the internet, check cell phones, sing songs, take the TTC, ride bmx, wear pajamas in restaurants and vomit in airports. Past work includes: Dare Night, Dare Night: Lockdown, How to be a Brown Teen, and Dream Baby Dream: Interrogated by Teens.

Founded in 1993, Mammalian Diving Reflex is a research-art atelier dedicated to investigating the social sphere, always on the lookout for contradictions to whip into aesthetically scintillating experiences, producing one-off events, theatre-based performance, videos, installation, theoretical texts and community happenings. Company members range in age from 13 to over 80 years old. Past work includes: Haircuts by Children, The Children’s Choice Awards, Nuit Market, Eat the Street, Slow Dance With Teacher, A Suicide-Site Guide to the City, Ask a Teenager, Monster Makers, All the Sex I’ve Ever Had and Old Women Shooting Guns. Mammalian Diving Reflex’s work has been presented around the world in Austin, Bern, Birmingham, Bochum, Bologna, Brisbane, Brussels, Calgary, Chicago, Cork, Darwin, Derry, Dublin, Duisberg, Edmonton, Enschede, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Gladbeck, Glasgow, Greensboro, Inverness, Kitchener-Waterloo, Kuopio, Lahore, Launceston, Leeds, London, Los Angeles, Manchester, Melbourne, Milan, Montreal, Mumbai, Newcastle Upon Tyne, New York, Norwich, Nyon, Oldenburg, Oslo, Ottawa, Perth, Portland, Prague, Regina, Skagaströnd, Singapore, Sydney, Terni, Toronto, Trondheim, Vancouver and Victoria.

Artistic and Research Director, Darren O’Donnell:
Young Mammals Director, Annie Wong:
Twitter: @mammaliandiving; @thetorontonians; @GladstoneHotel

Residency logo design: Melissa Luk