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// The Annual // Shifting Ground

//THE ANNUAL// is the Gladstone Hotel’s annual independent contemporary art event, offering an open and fertile ground for engaging and emerging practices. Over the course of four days, // THE ANNUAL // brings together artists, curators, and collectives to present new work and site-specific installations.

//THE ANNUAL// 2013 is curated by Katherine Dennis

Click here to download the 2013 CATALOGUE.

Thursday, 7-10pm – Opening Reception
Friday, 5:30pm – Curator’s Tour
Saturday, 11am – Curator’s Tour
Sunday, 2pm – Talk with ArtBomb, Afterhours Project and Walnut Contemporary: What does it mean to be a startup in Toronto?

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2013 Participants

ART BOMB supported artists – Tom Ridout and Cate McGuire, Jessica Marion Barr, Cindy Blažević, Julia Callon, Adam Chapman, Dominique Cheng, Mel Coleman, Kevin Day, Marc De Pape, Maria Flawia Litwin, Tahireh Lal, Ryan Louis, Pascal Paquette, Adrienne Marcus Raja, Alison Snowball, and Walnut Contemporary artists – Julie Gladstone, James Olley and Anna Pantcheva

About this year’s theme:

The idea behind Shifting Ground (2013) comes from two unrelated events: an art installation, The Grey Area (2012), recreated for the fair by artists Cindy Blazevic and Pascal Paquette, and a conversation that took place at the Banff Centre for the Arts during a residency. This conversation argued over the merits of eliminating art specific terms (jargon), thereby shifting the common ground of communication among participants. The Grey Area exhibited post-war photography and painting documenting the many outcomes and affects of the transformation of cultural and daily life in the Balkans as these countries waver between European Union membership and minor nation statehood.

These two seemingly distinct events continue to weave together in the curator’s mind. Hoping to further explore the threads that connect such shifts and to look deeply at the effects of important personal, cultural and societal changes, this exhibition opens the conversation up with a diverse body of artistic practices working in many mediums from painting and photography, to responsive sound, video projection and immersive installation.

Participating artists were invited to respond to this year’s theme by thinking literally – natural disasters, climate change, border negotiations – and metaphorically – reinvention, disruption, the creation of new worlds. Their eclectic responses consider topics ranging from the micro- to macrocosmic; the deeply personal to widely public; and the philosophical to the technological. They consider practice-based shifts in the art world and beyond.

Images (left to right):

Yshai Wallace, Superorganism 1 (2011) | upART 2011
Cindy Blažević, 19 and Bored (2008) | THE ANNUAL 2013
Julie Callon, Wuthering Heights No.2 (2012) | THE ANNUAL 2013
Magda Wojtyra and Marc Ngui, The Reef (2011) | upART 2011
Gary MacLeod, Room 202 (2011) | upART 2011

2012 Participants

Tara Bursey, Soon Cho, Shlomi Greenspan, Brady Gunnell & Mikhail Mansion, Thea Jones, Maria Flawia Litwin, Isabel M. Martinez, Faye Mullen, Jen Spinner, Laura Taler, and keep it UP guest-curated by Zach Pearl & Caoimhe Morgan-Feir and featuring artists Andrew MacDonald, Johnson Ngo, and Cecilia Tiburzio. //THE ANNUAL// 2012 is curated by Deborah Wang & Noa Bronstein