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Where the Trees Stood in Water

Where the Trees Stood in Water is a series of Cyanotype prints tracing the historic and contemporary transformations of Toronto’s Entertainment District. Each print is accompanied by an archival document, which forms a narrative connecting geography to stories of colonization, industrialization and the transient bodies of those affected by the remaking of Toronto’s landscape.

Juxtaposing text and image, Where the Trees… pushes against the archival documentation of Toronto’s past and challenges the stories told about colonialism, labour and migration.

With playful reproductions, Bambitchell invites hidden, obscured, lost, and silenced narratives of colonial history to surface and tell new stories about the geography of Toronto’s core.

Bambitchell (Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell) met in 2008 and have been fostering an artistic collaboration ever since. Their practice uses queer and feminist frameworks in order to reimagine borders, historical patterns of movement, labour, migration and memory. Working in various media (print, video, sculptural installation and performance), they explore these constantly shifting narratives through the use of images, architectures, language, sound and bodies. Bamboat and Mitchell both have independent art practices and they are members of the Pleasure Dome Experimental Film & Video Programming Collective.