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TSG: Fall To Pieces

That’s So Gay: Fall to Pieces will be a 2 month exhibition of new projects created by LGBTTI2QQ artists about their experiences of disability, radicalization, class, and other intersectional experiences of identity. The show attempts to interrupt the idea of a homogenous queer community and reimagines what it means to talk about our lived experiences as artists from a diversity of backgrounds.

The subtitle (Fall to Pieces) refers to many things: the ways that the once rigid borders in the LGBTTI2QQ communities are become permeable, perhaps even falling away; the desire by many of the artists in the show to tear down the policed borders of nationalism; helping to disappear the concept of dichotomous genders; and giving voice to the very real way that we feel emotion- encouraging a frank consideration of sadness, joy and fear in our lives, and the ways that our creativity supports our resiliency.

TSG = Fall To Pieces Opening is in collaboration with the 10×10 Photography Project opening at the Hotel.

artists include:

Joshua Vettivelu
Shira Spector
Lauren Hortie
Pablo Muñoz
Andrew Zealley
Dana Inkster
Micha Cardenas
Calder Harben
Spencer Harrison
Joey Suriano
Sly Sarkisova

Curated by Syrus Marcus Ware.

@GladstoneHotel #TSGFallsToPieces