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Urban Wild

URBAN WILD pays tribute to the dynamic fluidity that is an integral feature of Toronto. Toronto is a young, ever-evolving city that celebrates multiculturalism, welcomes the eb and flow of trends, and offers both its transient and established residents a wide spectrum of experiences and narratives.

URBAN WILD captures a variety of perspectives on the soul (or lack thereof) of our urban jungle and boldly complements or contrasts our artists’ portrayal of the natural world.

The artists featured in this exhibit are passionate about exploring the relationship between nature and nurture, and are eager to hold a mirror up to details often discarded as mundane or tedious. Each piece has been offered as a reminder of life, of choice, and of the synthetic ecosystem we operate within every day on our streets.

In a society occupied by a flurry of social media and smartphones, and a system in which we have constant stimulus at our fingertips, we are caught up in a challenge to be at peace with ourselves. Now more than ever, it is vital to apply critical thought to human nature and to be reminded of the features we possess that will remain definitively instinctual.


A special thanks to Haven Developments for their support, generosity, and their commitment to connecting people to the city they love.



URBAN WILD will being showing in our 4th floor Gallery in conjunction with the Gladstone Grow Op; an Annual Exhibition on Urbanism, Landscape and Contemporary Art on April 21-24.