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Why the @#&! Do you Paint? Painting Show

Why the @#&! Do You Paint?
Thick & Juicy

The Gladstone Hotel’s Annual Group Painting Show

October 19 – December 7th 2015 (12-5 daily)
Opening Reception: October 22nd 7-10pm

In 1839 Paul Delaroche was the first to declare, “Painting is dead’. Reacting to technological advancements of the day and responding to viewing some of the first daguerreotype photographic images, he questioned the purpose of painting. Since his proclamation many have reinforced or challenged this statement, and yet we still paint. Art schools around the globe see an abundance of applications to their Drawing and Painting departments from students searching for an education in one of the oldest art forms, while others avoid this training and simply paint. Some consider paint to be their primary medium, while others paint in secret to answer some deeper creative itches. In 2011, while responding to questions around technological advancements and the purpose of contemporary painting, David Hockney reminded us that, “even the pencil was a piece of technology, but what we do with it helps us confront Delaroche’s misguided declaration of painting being dead”.

Why the @#&! do you paint? is the 1st annual group painting exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel which explores why so many of us paint. The first year subtitled Thick and Juicy looks at the act of moving wet materials across a variety of supports to create illusions, affect surfaces, and open up discourses. The work in this exhibition begins to explore what can be accomplished with paint that other materials are less capable of achieving.

2015 Participants:

Julie Burdett, Stella Cade, Elizabeth Chan, Jordan Clayton, Kristen D’Aquila, Diego de la Rosa, Justin de Lima, Jordan Dunlop, Irit Epstein, Juan David Gaviria, Destiny Grimm, Paul Guzman, Tamara Kwapich, Kenny Lee, Zhan Ni Li, Jean-Luc Lindsay, Bogdan Luca, Wendy Lisa Nichol, Sophia Oppel, Ara Osterweil, Chris Perez, Trudy Perks, Diogo Pinheiro, Malinda Prud’homme, Mike Rachlis, Michael Rennick, Izaak Sacrebleu, Cortney Stephenson, Marina Stojkovic, Claire Tatangelo, Marwa Tawfiq, Tamara Thompson, Jennifer Wigmore, Curtia Wright
Curated by: Spencer J Harrison and Lukus Toane

Join us on October 22nd for the Opening Reception of #WT!YP? in the 2nd Floor Gallery (7-10pm).

About the Curator: Spencer J. Harrison

Curator, Spencer J Harrison is a painter who teaches in the Drawing and Painting Department at OCAD University. He rarely teaches the ‘how to paint courses,’ rather, he focuses on why we paint and how this work fits into the larger history of art making. He hopes this exhibition will ask questions about this art form and honour those who make painting their life.
Lukus Toane is the Director of Exhibitions at the Gladstone Hotel.