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Why the @#&! Do You Paint?: Go Figure

Why the @#&! Do You Paint?: Go Figure
The Gladstone Hotel’s Annual Group Painting Show

October 4th – November 28nd, 2016

Opening October 20th (7-10pm)
(Panel Discussion Timing TBC)

The Gladstone Hotel is proud to announce the 2nd annual Why the @#&! Do you Paint?: Go Figure; Gladstone’s Annual Painting Show curated by Spencer J Harrison and Lukus Toane.

Drawing from the human form is an act of observation and an action that creates human empathy. Utilizing the figure as a subject matter is where some of the earliest human marks were made. Stories were told, histories were recorded, and the obsession with observing the human form began. Although the history of figurative work is an extensive questioning as to whom we are observing, recording, and rendering, this exhibition moves this questioning towards the contemporary discourse of inclusion.

Historically, figurative painting exhibitions are an array of images depicting privileged bodies painted by privileged bodies. For the second annual Gladstone Why the @#&! Do You Paint? exhibition showcases paintings which consider the voices and bodies left out of this conversation as well as some of the bodies who traditionally appear. For the 2nd annual #WTFDYP subtitled Go Figure, features 37 figurative paintings with the intention of ‘figuring out’ a reflective dialog about perceptions about the body.

WTFDYP2016 Participating Artists:
Iskuhi AvagyanEdd BaptistaAdam Brooks, Chen Cao, Laura ChakravortyJordan ClaytonHelena Vallée DallaireKirsty Templeton DavidgeSarah Van DusenNadya EidelsteinAzadeh ElmizadehMel GausdenSara GhahramaniInga GircyteMartin GodinEliot GreenwaldAndrew HarrisCaroline JiGita KarklinsCeleste KellerGiovanni LombardiNadine Maher, Alex Murphy, Robin Grundy MurphyOLUSEYESophia OppelTrudy PerksMichael PitropovDiego de la RosaHeejae ShinNeil SternbergDaniel SunLaura ThipphawongSarah TompkinsJennifer WigmoreDoreen WittenbolsZoey Zoric



Hashtag: #WTFDYP @GladstoneHotel