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Why the @#&! Do you Paint? All Those Lines

Why the @#&! Do You Paint? All those Lines
The Gladstone’s Annual Group Painting Show
Exhibition Date(s): October 30th – December 2th 12-5pm daily / 2018 Opening Reception: Thurs. November 8th, 2018 (7-10pm)


The Gladstone’s 4th annual Why the @#&! do you paint? (#WTFDYP2018) group painting show introduces ‘All Those Lines’. Perhaps it is formal and fixed to the variance, thickness or texture of the line. Maybe meandering between literal and conceptual boundaries drawn to between places and ideas. All Those Lines looks at how we employ line and line-making in our creative work. Where it is often said to “stay behind the line, colour within the lines, or read between the lines,” WTFDYP looks to cross the line this fall in the Gladstone Hotel’s 2nd Floor Gallery.

Join us for the Opening Reception of #WTFDYP2018 on November 8th 7-10pm in our 2nd Floor Gallery @GladstoneHotel !

2018 Participation:
Maia Bidochka, Shea Chang, Irit Epstein, Esther Esquivel, Isabel Fryszberg, Inga Gircyte, Julie Gladstone, Marion Griese, Paul Guzman, Jose Miguel Hernandez, Hilary Hung, Melanie Keay, Chaewon Kim, Emma Lau, Gabrielle Leighton, Mac Lenters, Lori Meeboer, Alex Murphy, Steven Papadopoulos, Jane Moon Play, Claudia Rynkowski, Julia Szabo, Lesia Szyca, Jasper Urbina, Janine Wheeler

Curators: Spencer J Harrison + Lukus Toane

See full catalogue here.

banner image credit: Shea Chang