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You Looked Better Before I knew You by Hannah Pertsovsky

Hannah Pertsovsky is a Toronto-based sculpture artist currently studying at OCAD University.  Pertsovsky has recently returned from a year long self-directed study in Florence, Italy.  While there, she worked towards two group exhibitions before her return to Canada.  Using primarily found medium, like wood, hide and other mixed-media, her work is focused on the manipulation of the materiality of objects, pushing the boundaries of meaning and blazing new territory in the landscape of sculpture and installation art.  By tearing a material away from its origins, Pertsovsky searches for the hidden meanings within her media, allowing a single object to transcend the barriers of its expected purpose.

About You Looked Better Before I knew You:

Pertsovsky’s exhibit draws on the duality between what is natural and that which is manipulated and controlled by the human hand – often contaminating the purity of the object.  Her process includes pairing down, cutting and tearing away the origin of a material’s utility in search of the celestiality that exists within the inanimate.  By stripping materials from their intended meaning, her work conveys an unexpected familiarity through an association which hints at the purpose that her objects once possessed.  The work explores the ephemerality of viewership, creating a new and diverse multiplicity of meanings.  Pertsovsky invites her audience to participate in considering how the objects within their own subjective universe can carry an ethereal value.

Image: Don’t Need You Like I Used To, mixed media and crutch. 2013